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The retirement architects at the JChristopher group invite you to a


A night out for retirees or those planning to retire soon

You'll Discover How to:
  • Understanding the impact of Bear Markets, safeguard yourself from outliving your money.

  • Protect the current value of your 401k, 403b or IRA from losses even if you’re still working.


  • Supplement your Social Security with a Paycheck for Life and live a comfortable retirement.


  • Identify, reduce and even eliminate investment fees and put $1000's back in your pocket!


  • Specific Strategies to Maximize your Social Security Benefits.


  • Learn about the Great Retirement Deception and what financial advisors won’t tell you.


  • Safely Build Your Wealth...Beyond Wall Street

You are welcomed to register for this event tailored for local residents who are retired or approaching retirement. Your host, Christopher Krolak, Managing Partner at the JChristopher Group will unveil the most recent effective strategies designed to assist you in safeguarding your wealth, increasing your income, and mitigating risk and tax obligations in retirement.

Following the presentation, a complimentary dinner will be provided for your enjoyment.

Friday, June 21st @ 6:00

Click Here
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And enter code KPYMZJ
or call

The Vineyard Buffet
5857 NY-96
Farmington, NY 14425

call: (855) 571-3056
(toll Free, 24 hours)

Adult , first-time attendees only.

If married, spouses are encouraged to attend.

Please ... no children, agents or brokers.

For ages 55+.

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